Welcome to Modular Building Solutions

Modular Building Solutions is the result of 20 years of experience in construction. The company has specialised in researching and developing intelligent aluminum frame constructions. MBS is your partner in cost-effective, quick and sustainable building – private as well as industrial.


Work smart, not hard. The easy-to-assemble construction system can be completed within weeks or even days.


Help the environment while building your project.

All-Round Building System

Our versatile and complete aluminium building system is a trustworthy foundation for your energy-efficient home.


Less material. Less operations. Less machinery. More money to save.

Aluminium building

Aluminum is recyclable, sustainable and versatile: three qualities that make it a key element for green building. When it comes to recyclable construction materials, aluminum has proven to be very successful due to its high disposal value

We rely on SigmaFast, an aluminium fast frame building system suitable for various types of construction projects. This innovative structure replaces traditional building materials with high quality aluminum frames and corresponding fasteners.

Interested in cost-effective, quick and sustainable building?

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