SigmaFast – Aluminum frame system

SigmaFast is our sustainable fast frame building system, suitable for various types of construction projects.

This innovative aluminum structure replaces traditional building materials with high quality aluminum frames and corresponding fasteners.

SigmaFast logo
  • Save money on wall foundation by using light weight structures
  • Save time (time efficient) water- and wind proofing the construction
  • Precise custom-built assembly
  • Easy lightweight assembly – No machinery involved
  • Less waste on construction site
  • Eco friendly – Fully recyclable material
  • More building volume with thinner fully isolated walls
  • Non-combustible
  • Inorganic material
  • Thermal and acoustic benefits
  • Sustainable building solution

Use Sigma-Fast for your next project

We are well aware that each project is different and we address the individual needs of the builder, which is why SigmaFast offers a made-to-measure approach.